Month April 2017

Singing Songs for the Working Men and Working Women

April 25th has just passed. That was the day I started my first full-time, post-college job. Today is April 28, 2017 and it's exactly 20 years since my first day working as an Executive Recruiter. A couple of milestones for me this week. Makes me want to sing!We spend so much time of our lives at work and school. Hopefully we can all look back at what we [...]

What I do on Twitter and what you can do too

 In the summer of 2009 I was in my full Facebook glory. I had gotten on the bandwagon early and it was now the hottest story in the world. The last thing I wanted to hear about was a competing social network. I was beginning to hear about Twitter, mainly through LinkedIn. Like LinkedIn and Facebook Twitter was something that people were beginning to join. [...]
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