Why I Had to Close My P.O. Box and Get a New P.O. Box

Though all of us get a tiny fraction of the mail we used to get, when you start a home-based business you are advised to get a P.O. Box.  For security reasons you don’t want your home address to be on your home page and other social media sites. So when BAP EXECUTIVE SEARCH LLC became a New York LLC in September 2016 I went out to get a P.O.Box.


My first stop was the nearby post office, a couple blocks from where I live. It was once written up as the worst post office in New York by The New York Times. I filled out the forms. But there were more things they needed, different ways they wanted things filled out and they would not show me my actual P.O. Box. Needless to say, I wasn’t getting a great vibe here. I left and went down the block to a “Mail Boxes Etc.-type” of place. There they were very friendly and easily set up my P.O. Box. I paid for six month which covered me into mid-March 2017.


Well, wouldn’t you know it? I was reading a Facebook posting one night about my neighborhood in December 2016 and saw this article:

Several Queens Blvd stores likely to be demolished to make way for office development


The mail box store was on the block to potentially be demolished. I went there to ask the store manager what she knew. It was the first she heard of it. I directed her to the article and she asked the owner. The owner told her there was a possibility that the new owner would force them out but it was not definite because it had to go before the New York City Council.  I told the manager I was sorry to give her the bad news but better to hear it from me, during the work day, instead of reading about it on Facebook during Christmas. She agreed and became an acquaintance who always said hello to me when I entered the store. I renewed in March 2017 but the owner was only giving out one–three months extensions. I took the three month extension. In May 2017 there was a note in my mailbox that they were closing in June 2017.


They owned another mail box store. They offered the first two months free but it was a 20 minute walk from my home. It got me thinking if I needed a P.O. Box, especially at around $200/year. Anything important with a vendor; checks, bank statements, legal documents, etc., I have mailed to my home address. Since September 2016 I had gotten two pieces of mail to the P.O. Box; a letter I mailed to myself to make sure the P.O. Box received mail and a surprise Christmas card from my wife addressed to my business. All resumes I get are online. Did I really need a P.O. Box?


I decided to get another P.O. Box for my company. The 20 minute walk is on a quiet street and its good exercise. I spoke to the people who did my home page and they showed me how easy it was to change my company’s mailing address. I changed it myself on my company’s LinkedIn and Facebook Page. I’m not going to get my business cards changed. In the end, I feel a P.O.Box is something a New York LLC should have.


Here’s a picture of me at my new P.O. Box and yes, it is a letter I mailed to myself to make sure the P.O. Box received mail.

BAP EXECUTIVE SEARCH LLC specializes in placing public relations, communications, investor relations, marketing and social media professionals in mid- to senior level professionals at corporations, public relations firms and non-profits across all industries in full-time positions.

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