Just When You Think You’ve Seen It All with Computer Problems

On June 8, 2017, I went to my desktop computer to check my corporate email and could not get into the account. The same thing happened when I looked at my Home Page. Having seen this over the years I concluded that my company’s server was down. I had no problem getting into any other web sites. Confident in that analysis I had breakfast and around 9AM called my host company JP Webs. I figured they must be getting inundated with calls from customers.

They were surprised to hear from me. They typed in www.bapsearch.com and saw my home page. The server was not down. They did some testing and told me to contact my Internet Service Provider (“ISP”) Spectrum. For some reason I was not able to access my home page, my email, my WordPress page associated with my home page and also the home page of JP Webs.

The thought of contacting my ISP worried me. OK, I was panicked! What would they know about this? The host company said if the ISP needed them, they would talk to them. I was able to get past the automated voice mail and speak to a technician. We spoke for 57 minutes. I’m not sure if that’s an all-time record but it’s my personal record for speaking with a technician. The person was professional and cooperative. I went through his instructions and cut and pasted some DOS-like commands and reactions and emailed them to him. He said I could expect a fix in the next 24-72 hours. Being offline for that long happened to me during my years at Peter Bell & Associates, LLC and The Goldman Group so I would have to make do with the situation. My iPhone showed the affected sites outside my home WiFi area so at least I could monitor things.

It wasn’t 24-72 hours. One hour and 40 minutes later I could access my corporate accounts again. Thank you Spectrum and thank you JP Webs.

So it’s a happy ending until the next computer problem that I’ve never seen before.

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