How I Set up a Home Page and Social Media Accounts for my Executive Search Firm

When I was ready to start my company, I knew I needed a home page. But it’s not like deciding which company you want your smart phone to come from. In the end it’s not as easy as depending on famous companies such as Apple or Samsung There are lots of different vendors who will do it for you or help you do it. I am not capable of setting up a or Squarespace page. I’m not aware of well-known web developers. I asked for some recommendations and was grateful when someone suggested jp webs who put together my home page. Web developers/web designers will get your page up and running but there’s a lot you have to do yourself.

*You have to find some home pages that you like. They will work off them for inspiration and ideas.

*You are responsible for writing all text. Having been in Recruiting since 1997 and knowing what I have thought and said about the field, I was able to sit down for a few hours and come up with my home page copy. Being a one-person shop, I just had to ask my wife to proofread it and to ask for assurance that it sounded professional and also in my style of speaking. If you are in a partnership or committee, a process like this could take a long time.

*You need to submit all photos:

*If I could have taken a picture with my dog Pepper in casual clothes, I would have looked great. Just ask my Facebook Friends! But for a professional photo, if you are over a certain age, you might need a professional photographer to help you look your best.

*After you resist, you’ll realize that most home pages have stock footage. You can find some professional and creative photos. I used Shutterstock. Type in a topic and you’ll get a lot of ideas. The cost is 5 photos for $49. I did not use two people shaking hands in a conference room. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

*You’ll need a logo. jp webs designed one for me. I had to give them examples. I wanted something colorful as we had at my previous company.

I have heard if you update your website often, the search engines will rank you higher. I have a news section that has articles about the fields I recruit in, career news, social media, etc. I also have a blog. I thought I would never come up with ideas to blog about but, as you see, this is a blog post. Don’t worry that critics will be disagreeing with everything you say. If it’s a business blog, you probably won’t be stirring up controversy. My website is a WordPress blog. They’re easy to use whenever I update my home page. Fortunately, I had a WordPress blog for a couple of years earlier this decade, as a hobby. If not, I would have had a learning curve.

I set up a testimonials section. Find some people you have worked with over the years and ask if they can put together a paragraph for you. People are busy so if they don’t immediately say yes or if they say yes and haven’t gotten it to you, its fine to follow-up with them. They’ll understand.

I had fun with my bio putting up all the places I have traveled to and concerts I have seen, in addition to telling about my business and myself. I give all my contact information on my home page. People can contact me through the website. For better or worse, when you’re a small business like me, you won’t get inundated so don’t worry. But do get a P.O. Box number and don’t use your home address if you’re a home-based business like I am.

Your web developer can reserve your domain name for you. In my case, my web developer keeps my website online. That’s the way I want it. Any questions on my website and I go to jp webs. I don’t want different vendors pointing fingers at each other on whose responsibility it is if I am having a problem.

If you answer your web designer’s questions in a timely basis, it will take 4-6 weeks to get your home page online. In the meantime, they can put up a temporary home page for you.

At first I decided to just include my LinkedIn profile and my corporate Twitter account on my home page. Since then, on social media, I have added a LinkedIn company page and, at the suggestion of my web designer to increase SEO (search engine optimization), I set up a Facebook Page. At first I did not want to ask nearly 3,000 Facebook Friends to like my page. A few people were nice enough to like my page but eventually I realized if I wanted 100+ followers, I was going to have to invite people to join. Inviting people to like my Facebook Page on a mobile phone went relatively quickly. 

That’s how I did it. If you have any questions, I’ll try to help.

BAP EXECUTIVE SEARCH LLC specializes in placing public relations, communications, investor relations, marketing and social media professionals in mid- to senior level professionals at corporations, public relations firms and non-profits across all industries in full-time positions.

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