My New Job is My Same Job

This morning I woke up to many notifications and messages on LinkedIn. My initial reaction was that one of my blog posts had finally gone viral.  Instead it was due to a misunderstanding. Let me digress.

Whether it’s because of a burst of creativity or boredom I am always active on LinkedInFacebookTwitterInstagram and Medium . With a wife like Carla and a dog like Pepper, it’s inspiration to keep changing my Facebook Profile Photo and Facebook Cover Photo. Depending on how the New York Yankees are playing, “long-suffering New York Yankees fan” sometimes appears in my ever-changing Twitter bio. On LinkedIn I frequently post articles about careers, the job market, public relations, social media and my occasional blog post. My dog Pepper is always ready for her close-up on Instagram. Just when I think I have already written everything I can write, another idea comes to me for my Medium blog.

After Peter Bell closed Peter Bell & Associates, LLC on April 4, 2016, I started my own Executive Search Firm, BAP EXECUTIVE SEARCH LLC on November 1, 2016. As I have done since 1997, I recruit and place mid- to senior level public relations, communications, investor relations, marketing and social media professionals, mostly in the New York metropolitan area. I still appreciate the reaction I got when I opened my company.

I had listed my title on LinkedIn as President. Recently noticing that people I look up to refer to themselves as Business Owner, I changed my title to that yesterday. Having my own company and being the sole employee I can call myself anything I want to. So feel free to congratulate me but I’m in the same position at the same company.

And speaking of titles, it reminds me of a funny story. My colleague Nick wanted to be made a Vice President of our company when I was an Accountant at AIG. Our CEO called him into the office and said, in the same sentence, “Nick, we’re going to do something you want, we’re making you Vice President but you’re getting the same salary. So Nick calls up his wife, tells her about his promotion and she replies, “So you must be getting a lot more money!” and he explains he won’t get a raise. Nick then had the identical conversation when he called his mother. Later Nick’s wife asked if he told his brother and Nick said he couldn’t go through the same conversation again.


I’m not getting any more money either but I have the Business Owner title and can switch back to President if I am in the mood.


Thanks for the likes and the messages.


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