Christmas Night 1995-The First Time I Went Online

In 1995 I was still using a word processor. Heck, I probably just bought my first one. Before that I was still using a typewriter.

As I was going through my career-change, I was more open to new things. At NYU’s School of Continuing Education, students were talking about the internet. At the time the dial up speed was 9600 or 14400 or 28800 bps. It seemed interesting and after we got our first computer (a Gateway 2000), we went on to America Online on Christmas night in 1995. I wanted to be able to legally say I had been online.

It was 5 hours a month for $9.95. By 1996 there were unlimited plans and we switched to another browser. But we were online in the early days.

I don’t want to say I was a trend-setter, but after we went online, billions of other people did too. OK, I said it; I’m a trend-setter.

When my wife Carla & I connected with AOL for the first time at 14,400 bps. I should have posted; “that’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” But I don’t remember exactly what I first wrote.

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