My company, BAP EXECUTIVE SEARCH LLC’s specialty and experience has been in Corporate Communications Executive Search. That also encompasses Public Relations and Investor Relations Executive Search. I have had some experience and some success with Marketing and Social Media Executive Search and offer those services as well.

At some point, during some searches, hiring managers realize they need the help of an Executive Recruiter. I can dedicate myself to the task while you have lots of other conflicting priorities. I work on contingency. You only pay me when I find you the right person for the job and they’ve proven to be a productive member of your team. It’s a good deal for everyone.

So what are you looking for in a candidate? Fortunately, it’s been a while since I last heard: “Find me a good Corporate Communications person, a young superstar, and I need them to start yesterday.” I usually get a decent job description to work with. But there are other things I need to know that most job description don’t tell me. It helps me screen candidates, and candidates will ask me these questions:

*What is the salary range for the position?

*Is there a target bonus?

*What is the name & title of the person the position reports to? What is their background? How would you describe their management style?

*Will they manage anyone? If it’s a hands-on job, will they have any administrative support?

*How many people are in the department and how is the department structured?

*Why is the position open?

*Brief summary of benefits. Overall, is your benefits package great, good, fair or do you try to compensate in other ways?

*How much overnight travel should the person expect?

*Describe the company culture.

*Why should a person, happy in their current position, come work for you?

*What is the procedure to move the process forward?

A Corporate Communications person needs Corporate Communications experience, a Marketing person needs Marketing experience, etc. But does the person need experience working in your particular industry? What if the person has a passion for your sector and has been following the news about your industry? Even if it takes a person a little while to “get up to speed”, he/she may be a better fit than a person who is simply changing jobs to get more money or wants to get away from a difficult boss. Most job descriptions give a range of years of experience. But what if the person has more than (for example) the 7–10 years of experience in the job description, is happy with the salary range and finds the job challenging and wants to work for your company? Nobody wants you to settle! But you will be expanding your applicant pool if you consider these types of job-seekers.

If you are in New York, you and I should try to meet in-person. That way I can tell the candidates what it feels like to be in your office and the vibe I received from meeting you and your team.

After we have gotten to know each other and you have explained the position to me you will ask the following question; “how quickly will I see candidates?” The answer is, “probably soon but it depends.” Most of the 5,000 people in my database are in the New York City metropolitan area but I don’t talk to each of them every day! Some might have told me three months ago that they wanted a new job but are now off the market. Some might have told me last year that they’ve never been happier in their career but now can’t wait to make a move.

So I have to start the search. Sometimes I’ll know the exact person for you off the top of my head. More likely, it will take research. The database will get me started but over the past ten years, its online research of new people who I will be discovering. They might be the ones for the job or I will network with them and they’ll recommend other people to network with and they’ll recommend…well, you get the point. Every search has a great story behind it.

Once we agree, I’ll get right to work on the search. Figure about a couple of weeks to get you on-target, motivated candidates. So the quicker we start the search, the better. Timely feedback is the key to know if I’m headed in the right direction. We know scheduling can be difficult and everybody is busier than ever these days. I’ll be there to help you every step of the way to move the process along.

Whether it is working with me, or another Executive Recruiter, I wish you good luck in finding the right person for your open corporate communications position.

BAP EXECUTIVE SEARCH LLC specializes in placing public relations, communications, investor relations, marketing and social media professionals in mid- to senior level professionals at corporations, public relations firms and non-profits across all industries in full-time positions.

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