I’m going to ask for your help.

Since I started my Executive Search Firm on November 1, 2016 people have been terrific about referring job-seekers to me. I’m flattered many of you ask if I can help you find your next job. However, there’s one area where I am falling a bit short.

It’s normal when you hear someone is an Executive Recruiter that you immediately think of them as a person to find you a job. But the other side of the equation is having clients seriously looking to hire professionals. That’s where I need you to put in a good word for me.

I see many of your LinkedIn status updates letting people know that you and your company are hiring. For you it would be ideal if your dream candidate read that, applied, and could be hired quickly. The reality is that two-four months later I often see the same job is still open. An Executive Search Firm owner, like me, could have been devoting my time to filling your search. With you and your team working with me, the person might have already been hired and contributing.

So when you have a hard-to-fill mid- to senior level position in public relations or communications, I ask that you think of BAP EXECUTIVE SEARCH LLC. I work on contingency. So I only get paid if someone is hired and shows they fit into your organization.

None of us has anything to lose and we might gain some contacts that could change our professional lives.

BAP EXECUTIVE SEARCH LLC specializes in placing public relations, communications, investor relations, marketing and social media professionals in mid- to senior level professionals at corporations, public relations firms and non-profits across all industries in full-time positions.

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