Thinking of Taking A Break From Work and Going On Vacation?

(Cassis is in the South of France, about a 30 minute drive from Marseille)

Today, when I woke up on a hot, humid, summer morning in New York, I wished I had taken my vacation now!

Vacations are needed. A break to become reinvigorated is a must and it gives you something to look forward to. What you do on your vacation should be your own business. But I’ve had bosses that lived their vacations vicariously through more. So my trip to Europe would excite them. If I would stay home and sleep late they would question if I really needed the time off.

“Let’s Go Away For Away” by Brian Wilson from The Beach Boys’ “Pet Sounds” album.

(The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson and his band put you in the mood for a vacation with “Let’s Go Away For Awhile” from “Pet Sounds”).

Before people worked from home and back when your colleagues would answer your land line phone when you were away (yes, yes, before your time), I had a boss who liked to use his vacation time to take three day weekends. That way he didn’t miss too much work. When my boss’ boss would call in from Boston, I would explain that my boss took this Friday as a vacation day to which his boss said, “but he took last Friday off too!” You were not going to win a discussion with Frank Oleskiewicz so I did not respond to that point.

(The beach in Texel in a town called De Koog in Northwest Holland. Looks like a good place to be on a hot, humid, summer morning in New York)

These days my one major vacation a year is to go with my wife to visit her family and friends in The Netherlands. In good years we take a side trip to another European city. 2018 is a good year because we are taking a side trip to Paris. Last decade we were in The Netherlands four times for the Christmas holidays. The disadvantage for me is that I have gotten colds, or cold-like symptoms, more years than not, at that time of year. If you catch a cold in Northern Europe, it’s not going anywhere until you come back home to the USA. Also when you stay with relatives outside the major European cities, everything is closed around and during Christmas and New Year’s Day.

(I caught this train in 2004 and 2013 and will catch another one in 2018)

Summertime is very good, especially around the 4th of July, or the week before Labor Day. Things tend to be quieter at work so you have less to come back to and you get that “summer vacation” feeling which reminds you of being a child again. Though there can be hot spells, our 2017 trip to The Netherlands, around the 4th of July, had high temperatures in the 65F-75F range. Thanksgiving week is good because you can take a significant amount of time and only use three vacation days. If you can get away, the second half of March is good to travel. The airfare and hotel rates are good and that’s when we saw Rome in 2014 and The South of France in 2016.

When is your favorite time of year to take a vacation from work?

(Rome is a good vacation break during the second half of March)

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