My 2018 Summer Vacation “Out-of-Office Auto Reply” (Plus Some Vacation Music)

On my first trip to Amsterdam in June 1987

My wife is from The Netherlands aka Holland. So I have the perfect way to visit her family and friends and vacation in Europe. It’s time to go back for my 26th trip to The Netherlands since 1987. While it’s easy to make in-law jokes, Carla has a very nice family and I always have a good time.

Besides seeing family and friends we always do sightseeing. Each trip we visit Amsterdam and we try to visit an island near my wife’s hometown of Den Helder called Texel. Utrecht is one of our favorite Dutch towns and yes, we have visited two other major Dutch cities: Den Haag aka The Hague and Rotterdam.

Over the years we have taken some amazing side trips including (in alphabetical order) Antwerp, Brussels, Cologne, Düsseldorf, London, Luxembourg City, Marseille, Munich, Paris, Rome, Salzburg, Stockholm and Vienna.

In celebration of our upcoming 30th wedding anniversary we are going to spend a weekend in Paris. It’s our third visit to Paris which is a very manageable 3 hour and 18 minutes train ride from Amsterdam. You can look at my company bio to see if I have visited your home town.

I have set up my work auto-reply and I’m contacting appropriate people to let them know I’ll be away. I asked LinkedIn if they have an auto-reply for their messaging service. They thought I was on to something but, as of now, they don’t have that feature. Perhaps they’ll have it for the next trip in 2019 or 2020.

I’ll try to check in from time-to-time but, if I don’t get back to you right away, I’m not being rude, I am overseas. I will try to reply when I’m expected to be back in the office on Monday August 27th.

I hope you are having a chance to enjoy the summer of 2018!

On my most recent trip to Amsterdam in July 2017

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