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“People do occasionally ask if I’ve retired; namely my bank manager and agent.”-Sir Roger Moore

“Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”Mark Twain

On November 1, 2016 I launched BAP EXECUTIVE SEARCH LLC. That makes today the third anniversary of my company. I haven’t changed the world, haven’t discovered the magic formula to make this a franchise and I’m not going on podcasts to say “If I can become a successful entrepreneur, then anybody can do it!” But I have fulfilled all legal requirements to set up my company and, as far as I know, successfully completed tax and statutory filings. I’m ready for my fourth year.

 I’m hesitant to put up too many promotional posts. I feel some will roll their eyes and think “Not again!” On the other hand, I still hear from people asking, “What happened? I though you were working for Peter Bell at Peter Bell & Associates, LLC.” I then explain Peter closed the company in April 2016, he’s doing well and I’ll say hello to Peter for them. Last year someone told me; “Never miss a chance to promote your company.” So on the third anniversary of BAP EXECUTIVE SEARCH LLC; here I go one more time.

 As I have since 1997, I focus on mid- to senior level, full-time positions in public relations, communications and investor relations across all industries. Because of the job market and contacts, most of the jobs will be in the New York City metropolitan area. I’m open to considering U.S. search opportunities.

 I see many of your LinkedIn status updates let people know that your company is hiring. For you it would be ideal if your dream candidate read that, applied, and could be hired quickly. The reality is that two-four months later I often see the same job is still open. An Executive Search Firm owner, like myself, could have been devoting my time to filling your search. With you and your team working with me, the person might have already been hired and contributing. So when you have a hard-to-fill, mid- to senior level position in my area, I ask that you think of recommending BAP EXECUTIVE SEARCH LLC to your organization.

 I appreciate that so many of you have told your friends and colleagues to email barry@bapsearch.com their updated resumes. Everyone’s information is confidential and will never sent anywhere without a person’s permission. 

You can follow my company on TwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook.

Thank you for your support throughout my first three years as a President and Business Owner and my first 22 years as an Executive Recruiter. I’ll always do my best for you and anyone you recommend.

Barry Piatoff

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(My official logo via https://www.jp-webs.com/

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