Relocation in the 20th Century and the 21st Century

(Photo by Mikes Photos from  Pexels in the 1980s and 1990s (yes, I know, way before your time), I thought of relocating from New York City. Except for the first year of my life I have always lived here. As I began to travel for work, leisure, visited Europe as I married a woman from [...]

The Feel Good Days of 2018

(Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom from Pexels years ago I started my new job the day after Labor Day. On Friday afternoon my boss said, “Well, Barry, you survived your first week, but then again, it was a short week.Looks like we survived our first work week of [...]

Christmas Night 1995-The First Time I Went Online

In 1995 I was still using a word processor. Heck, I probably just bought my first one. Before that I was still using a typewriter.As I was going through my career-change, I was more open to new things. At NYU’s School of Continuing Education, students were talking about the internet. At the time the dial up speed was 9600 or 14400 or 28800 bps. It seemed [...]

For Our Christmas Break-My Favorites Songs of the Holidays

(Photo by on Unsplash)Last century, when I was an Accountant, I made sure to take a vacation from Christmas through New Year's Day. With the year end financial statements coming up, I wanted to take one last break before busy season. These days, businesses slow down for the holiday seasons. Hopefully you'll have some time off too. That makes [...]

We Made It! The 1st Anniversary of BAP EXECUTIVE SEARCH LLC

I haven’t changed the world. I can’t retire yet. I don’t have the formula to franchise my company. I’m not credible enough to write books and give speeches on “if I can do it, so can you.” Nevertheless, I’m proud to say that on November 1, 2017, BAP EXECUTIVE SEARCH LLC is officially one year old. I have fulfilled all legal requirements to [...]

It Was 20 Years Ago Today

After 18 years in Accounting, going back to school, a long job search and one short job stint, I started working for Peter Bell, (with his partner at the time, Elaine Goldman), at Goldman+Bell and The Goldman Group exactly 20 years ago today on October 27, 1997. I became a Public Relations & Communications Executive Recruiter. That position lasted more [...]

Financial Services Public Relations-SAE/AS Level in Beautiful San Diego, California! (Relocation Candidates are Welcome to Apply).

My client is a boutique financial/technology services PR agency (about 10 people). The Principal lived in New York, was very successful in financial PR (I met him back in 2006) but decided he longed for the Southern California lifestyle and moved there at the end of the last decade. His company is looking for a Senior Account Executive or Account Supervisor [...]

A Year In a LinkedIn Blogger’s Life

Soon BAP EXECUTIVE SEARCH LLC will be one year old. When you start a company you are advised to blog. I’m not sure how much it helps. It doesn’t hurt. It probably helped more last decade before the explosion of social media and shorter attention spans. But blog I have. Just when I feel I’ll never write another post, I get inspired to do it one more [...]
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