Public Relations B2B Senior Account Executive (New York, NY)

Our client is a boutique pr agency near the Flatiron District in Manhattan.  They specialize in B2B media research (data and analytics) for the advertising, retail, media and digital gaming industries.  They are looking for someone who can understand those industries and has experience working with the business and trade media.  Should be a good writer, [...]

Public Relations, Communications, Investor Relations, Marketing & Social Media Opportunities (New York City Metro Area)

BAP EXECUTIVE SEARCH LLC is a contingency, permanent placement, executive search firm specializing in public relations, communications, investor relations, marketing and social media recruiting. I take the time to communicate in-depth with my clients and candidates to ensure my placements work well for everyone.I have placed experienced professionals in [...]

My Out-of-Office Auto Reply (and Vacation Music) for You

I’m getting ready to go away on vacation. It’s my first time out of the New York metro area since I started my executive search firm on November 1, 2016. Travelin' Man by Rickey NelsonWe’ll be visiting my wife’s family and friends in Holland aka The Netherlands. This will be my 25th trip there in the last 30 years. While it’s easy to make in-law [...]

Just When You Think You’ve Seen It All with Computer Problems

On June 8, 2017, I went to my desktop computer to check my corporate email and could not get into the account. The same thing happened when I looked at my Home Page. Having seen this over the years I concluded that my company’s server was down. I had no problem getting into any other web sites. Confident in that analysis I had breakfast and around 9AM [...]

My Version of Words of Wisdom

In 2016 when I first heard about fake news my reaction was, “I knew something was up. I never believed those social media quotes about everybody feeling “super” on Monday morning and people feeling “blessed” at every family get-together.While political posts can make our blood boil, we tend to accept the quotes we see. They’re usually some sort [...]

Why I Had to Close My P.O. Box and Get a New P.O. Box

Though all of us get a tiny fraction of the mail we used to get, when you start a home-based business you are advised to get a P.O. Box.  For security reasons you don’t want your home address to be on your home page and other social media sites. So when BAP EXECUTIVE SEARCH LLC became a New York LLC in September 2016 I went out to get a P.O.Box. My [...]

My 10th Anniversary on LinkedIn

 In the spring of 2007 a handful of people, were telling me to join LinkedIn. Some were very insistent; it felt like they were demanding I join LinkedIn. I barely knew them! My reaction at the time was; I get a billion emails a day, I don’t need another billion emails a day. I asked my boss at the time, Peter Bell, what he thought and he said, if I [...]

Public Relations Executive Search for Job-Seekers and Me

BAP EXECUTIVE SEARCH LLC is one of a handful of Public Relations Executive Search Firms that also encompasses being a Corporate Communications and Investor Relations Executive Search firm. I have had some experience with Marketing and Social Media Executive Search and offer those services as well.The best approach is to email your resume as a Word Document [...]
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