Christmas Night 1995-The First Time I Went Online

In 1995 I was still using a word processor. Heck, I probably just bought my first one. Before that I was still using a typewriter.As I was going through my career-change, I was more open to new things. At NYU’s School of Continuing Education, students were talking about the internet. At the time the dial up speed was 9600 or 14400 or 28800 bps. It seemed [...]

For Our Christmas Break-My Favorites Songs of the Holidays

(Photo by on Unsplash)Last century, when I was an Accountant, I made sure to take a vacation from Christmas through New Year's Day. With the year end financial statements coming up, I wanted to take one last break before busy season. These days, businesses slow down for the holiday seasons. Hopefully you'll have some time off too. That makes [...]

We Made It! The 1st Anniversary of BAP EXECUTIVE SEARCH LLC

I haven’t changed the world. I can’t retire yet. I don’t have the formula to franchise my company. I’m not credible enough to write books and give speeches on “if I can do it, so can you.” Nevertheless, I’m proud to say that on November 1, 2017, BAP EXECUTIVE SEARCH LLC is officially one year old. I have fulfilled all legal requirements to [...]

My New Job is My Same Job

This morning I woke up to many notifications and messages on LinkedIn. My initial reaction was that one of my blog posts had finally gone viral.  Instead it was due to a misunderstanding. Let me digress.Whether it’s because of a burst of creativity or boredom I am always active on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Medium . With a wife [...]

Just When You Think You’ve Seen It All with Computer Problems

On June 8, 2017, I went to my desktop computer to check my corporate email and could not get into the account. The same thing happened when I looked at my Home Page. Having seen this over the years I concluded that my company’s server was down. I had no problem getting into any other web sites. Confident in that analysis I had breakfast and around 9AM [...]

Why I Had to Close My P.O. Box and Get a New P.O. Box

Though all of us get a tiny fraction of the mail we used to get, when you start a home-based business you are advised to get a P.O. Box.  For security reasons you don’t want your home address to be on your home page and other social media sites. So when BAP EXECUTIVE SEARCH LLC became a New York LLC in September 2016 I went out to get a P.O.Box. My [...]

My 10th Anniversary on LinkedIn

 In the spring of 2007 a handful of people, were telling me to join LinkedIn. Some were very insistent; it felt like they were demanding I join LinkedIn. I barely knew them! My reaction at the time was; I get a billion emails a day, I don’t need another billion emails a day. I asked my boss at the time, Peter Bell, what he thought and he said, if I [...]

Public Relations Executive Search for Job-Seekers and Me

BAP EXECUTIVE SEARCH LLC is one of a handful of Public Relations Executive Search Firms that also encompasses being a Corporate Communications and Investor Relations Executive Search firm. I have had some experience with Marketing and Social Media Executive Search and offer those services as well.The best approach is to email your resume as a Word Document [...]

Public Relations Executive Search for Employers and Me

My (aka BAP EXECUTIVE SEARCH LLC) specialty and experience has been in Public Relations Executive Search. That also encompasses Corporate Communications and Investor Relations Executive Search. I have had some experience and some success with Marketing and Social Media Executive Search and offer those services as well.At some point, during some [...]
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