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20 Steps to Setting Up Your Own Small Business

In September 6, 2016 I officially decided to start my own executive search firm. I can’t say BAP EXECUTIVE SEARCH LLC has had the impact of Facebook or Google. But similar to Facebook and Google my company is legally set up. Now that my firms has been around for a couple of years maybe this article can help you start your own company.When Peter Bell [...]

We Made It! The 1st Anniversary of BAP EXECUTIVE SEARCH LLC

I haven’t changed the world. I can’t retire yet. I don’t have the formula to franchise my company. I’m not credible enough to write books and give speeches on “if I can do it, so can you.” Nevertheless, I’m proud to say that on November 1, 2017, BAP EXECUTIVE SEARCH LLC is officially one year old. I have fulfilled all legal requirements to [...]

Why I Had to Close My P.O. Box and Get a New P.O. Box

Though all of us get a tiny fraction of the mail we used to get, when you start a home-based business you are advised to get a P.O. Box.  For security reasons you don’t want your home address to be on your home page and other social media sites. So when BAP EXECUTIVE SEARCH LLC became a New York LLC in September 2016 I went out to get a P.O.Box. My [...]
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