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For Our Christmas Break-My Favorites Songs of the Holidays

(Photo by on Unsplash)Last century, when I was an Accountant, I made sure to take a vacation from Christmas through New Year's Day. With the year end financial statements coming up, I wanted to take one last break before busy season. These days, businesses slow down for the holiday seasons. Hopefully you'll have some time off too. That makes [...]

We Made It! The 1st Anniversary of BAP EXECUTIVE SEARCH LLC

I haven’t changed the world. I can’t retire yet. I don’t have the formula to franchise my company. I’m not credible enough to write books and give speeches on “if I can do it, so can you.” Nevertheless, I’m proud to say that on November 1, 2017, BAP EXECUTIVE SEARCH LLC is officially one year old. I have fulfilled all legal requirements to [...]

Public Relations B2B Senior Account Executive (New York, NY)

Our client is a boutique pr agency near the Flatiron District in Manhattan.  They specialize in B2B media research (data and analytics) for the advertising, retail, media and digital gaming industries.  They are looking for someone who can understand those industries and has experience working with the business and trade media.  Should be a good writer, [...]

Public Relations, Communications, Investor Relations, Marketing & Social Media Opportunities (New York City Metro Area)

BAP EXECUTIVE SEARCH LLC is a contingency, permanent placement, executive search firm specializing in public relations, communications, investor relations, marketing and social media recruiting. I take the time to communicate in-depth with my clients and candidates to ensure my placements work well for everyone.I have placed experienced professionals in [...]

Public Relations Executive Search for Job-Seekers and Me

BAP EXECUTIVE SEARCH LLC is one of a handful of Public Relations Executive Search Firms that also encompasses being a Corporate Communications and Investor Relations Executive Search firm. I have had some experience with Marketing and Social Media Executive Search and offer those services as well.The best approach is to email your resume as a Word Document [...]

Public Relations Executive Search for Employers and Me

My (aka BAP EXECUTIVE SEARCH LLC) specialty and experience has been in Public Relations Executive Search. That also encompasses Corporate Communications and Investor Relations Executive Search. I have had some experience and some success with Marketing and Social Media Executive Search and offer those services as well.At some point, during some [...]

Singing Songs for the Working Men and Working Women

April 25th has just passed. That was the day I started my first full-time, post-college job. Today is April 28, 2017 and it's exactly 20 years since my first day working as an Executive Recruiter. A couple of milestones for me this week. Makes me want to sing!We spend so much time of our lives at work and school. Hopefully we can all look back at what we [...]

Introducing Myself to Everyone Who Does Not Know Me

My name is Barry Piatoff.  I’ve been recruiting in Public Relations and Communications since 1997. I know a lot of people in the field but maybe I don’t know you. Now that I have opened my own search firm, BAP EXECUTIVE SEARCH LLC, I should reach out and make new connections-like you! So this is a brief introduction. BAP EXECUTIVE SEARCH LLC is a [...]

Why I First Became an Accountant before Becoming an Executive Recruiter

(I really wanted to be a writer but...)When you start a company in the 21st century, everyone advises you to blog. The first thought is what do you write after you welcome everyone to your blog?  I came up with topics I thought I had some knowledge of; from setting up a small business and setting up an online presence to working with Executive Recruiters [...]
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