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Barry Piatoff is one of the most professional executive recruiters I’ve worked with during my 25+ years corporate career. I first met Barry in 2004 when he contacted me for a senior Investor Relations executive position outside my then current industry of expertise. At first, I was not interested at all given I had spent the first 15 years of my career in telecommunications and this position was in commercial real estate finance, an industry I knew nothing about. Barry’s vast industry knowledge, ability to understand and match client’s needs, genuine concern for prospective candidates and his unfettered persistence, were all critical elements in helping me make by far one of the best career decisions I’ve made. I would unquestionably recommend Barry to any Company looking to hire senior executive positions at their firm or any professional looking for a new career opportunity.

Andy Backman
Managing Director - Investor Relations & Public Relations
HC2 Holdings Inc.

Barry and I first met on a Friday afternoon in October,1997. He was a successful accountant of 18 years, but was looking for something specifically in recruiting. He had dealt with recruiters at his accounting position and thought it was a career he could be excited about, and excel at. He was serious enough to have taken a PR course at NYU to see if the industry would be a match , and he and his wife agreed that he needed something to grab, and hold, his interest. He came into my office and the receptionist introduced us. It didn't take long to grasp that once Barry puts his mind to something, he's all in. His desire to enter the profession became apparent, as did his enthusiasm and intelligence. We agreed to having Barry shadow me for a week to give him an opportunity to see how the office ran and whether we both felt there was a genuine opportunity there. Needless to say, it more than worked out, and we enjoyed a long and successful relationship until I retired this year. Barry gets it. He listens, asks lots of questions, and puts it all together; he works so closely with both the client and the candidate. He strives to make a "match", and not a placement; no one is more thoughtful in this than Barry. He follows up and doesn't miss a detail throughout the entire process, and the calls and emails I received over the years from grateful clients and happy candidates attest to his ability, his ethics, caring and focus. I could go on, and anyone who knows Barry will happily add to this. Barry is the best.

Peter Bell
Former President
Peter Bell & Associates, LLC

I have worked with Barry many times over the years. Barry and I first met when he placed me at Fitch and I have utilized his services over the years in looking for high caliber recruits. Barry is defined by his professionalism and I always recommend my colleagues in his direction.

James Jockle
Chief Marketing Officer

Barry Piatoff is a gem of a recruiter: a true professional with integrity who builds enduring relationships. In the nearly 20 years that I’ve known him, he has repeatedly proven that his desire to find the “right fit” goes both ways – for the job candidate and for the company he’s doing a search for. Among Barry’s greatest strengths are his candor and his generosity with his time and counsel. When he has approached me with opportunities, he’s been very open about both the advantages and possible challenges of each position, which has enabled me to make well informed decisions. He’s also been a trusted sounding board as I’ve evolved through my career, offering advice and perspective that’s all the more valuable given the moves he’s made in his own career. Aside from all that, Barry’s great on social media and a truly kind person. I recommend him highly.

Susan Kaufmann
Communications Consultant

In an industry that is extremely transactional, it’s rare to find a person that is genuine and who looks out for your best interests. I’ve worked with recruiters who sent me on interviews with no preparation and very little information, but that’s not the case with Barry. He took the time to meet me face-to-face, prep me before each phase of the interview process, and followed up with updates and feedback. Barry’s dedication, commitment and follow-through sets him apart from others in the industry, and owe him a tremendous amount for getting me to where I am, and coaching me through a critical step in my career. I would whole-heartedly recommend him to anyone.

Sheryl Lee
Director of External Communications
UBS Asset Management

Barry doesn't just help hiring managers fill open roles. He creates long-term relationships based on trust, respect, transparency and friendship. This approach, combined with his industry expertise and common sense advice, has helped countless communication leaders and talent acquisition professionals shine in front of their management and candidates discover previously unimagined opportunities. He is a unique and valuable resource. As a communication executive I listen closely when he talks about the people I need on my team; and as a sometime candidate I listen even closer when he gives me career advice. No matter what my role, the probability of a successful outcome is greatly increased when I involve Barry in the process.

Jeff Opperman
Director, Executive Communications
Pace University

I had the pleasure of working with Barry since 2007. Barry is incredibly personable, attentive and creative in his approach with job candidates. He is very knowledgeable on his clients business and communicates with both the client and candidate at every step of the process. When I was working with Barry, I always felt that he was on top of every opportunity suitable for my needs and was truly working hard to find me the perfect fit. His great personality and can-do attitude was very much appreciated especially at a time when the job market was rather gloomy. I would recommend Barry to anyone looking for a career change or to employers that are looking to hire the best IR and PR talent out there.

Melissa St. Clair
Senior Sourcing Manager
Head of Supplier Diversity, TIAA

I have worked with Barry several times during the past decade and it's always a pleasure. I'm continually impressed with his professional integrity as well as his knowledge of the communications industry. Even better, his friendly demeanor puts people at ease automatically.

Lisa Tibbitts
18 year media relations professional

Barry is an outstanding recruiter of talented public relations professionals. He identified and recruited many excellent people to join the McGraw-Hill corporate communications team and all turned out to be excellent hires. Barry took time to carefully learn our professional needs and company culture and he consistently presented experienced candidates with strong skills and relevant background in corporate communications, social and traditional media relations, public affairs, employee communications and/or speech writing. He was helpful from inception of each search through offer, and was always a dedicated, available and engaged partner. I would not hesitate to hire Barry again in the future.

Steven Weiss
Weiss Strategic Communications, LLC

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