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The best approach is email your resume as a Word Document Attachment or pdf file to A short cover letter is encouraged explaining why you are  seeking to make a change and what you want in your next position. Your information is confidential and will not be sent anywhere without your permission. In order to code your information and to consider you for appropriate positions I need to know  the city and state you live in. Be assured I won't come to visit. 

If I have an opportunity for you, I’ll be in touch quickly. Otherwise I will keep your resume and contact you when I have a good match. We’ll set up a 30-45 minute basic but extensive interview where I will find out more about your skills, background and motivation for making a change. I’ll then tell you who our client is. If you are interested and have not contacted them recently, we can go forward. If not, at least we’ll know each other well and I can easily run opportunities past you next time.


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